What I like about working for the organization is the family feeling I get every time we are in discussion or attending conferences. We truly all care about one another whether we work remote or in the home office. Also, being able to stay in touch with colleagues in or just out of the Fire Service throughout the United States and Canada has meant a great deal to me!
Jim Harmes

Retired Fire Chief , Previous IAFC President

Chief Hicks leads our organization in an effort to provide the San Diego County Fire Departments and its citizen’s high-quality service, lending emergency assistance to citizens who have suffered loss due to fire, flood or disaster. Chief Hicks is a seasoned professional who has provided leadership and advocacy for the fire service and his community for more than 34 years.
Ronnie Hicks

Retired Assistant Fire Chief, San Diego Fire-Rescue

We help victims in their time of need. It is a very rewarding part-time job. We work with great people, and I really do enjoy it.
Jack Parow

Retired Fire Chief, Previous IAFC President

I have worked with this organization for the past six years after retiring from my position as Deputy Chief and PIO for the Oklahoma City Fire Department. It has allowed me to continue working with respected fire officers while giving back to the community and helping citizens in their time of need. My job gives me a tremendous feeling of honor and pride. I couldn’t have hoped for a better second career!

Tony Young

Retired Deputy Fire Chief

How does one follow up a 30 career in the Fire Service, the greatest job on earth, well I found it in this organization. If you still have a passion for helping people and staying connected with the Fire Service, give us a call. You can join the rest or your retired Brothers and Sisters having a blast.
Rich Bramos

Retired Battalion Chief , Broward County Sheriff’s Office

When I retired from the fire service, I wasn’t ready to leave. I wanted to stay connected and contribute to the community. This job has given me the opportunity to do so. I continue to work with the best people in the world, first responders. I am lucky to still be a part of this mission.

Scott Dornan

Retired Deputy Fire Chief

I have been in the fire service for 44 years. As a Fire Chief for 15 years and a ranked officer for 25 years, this job has allowed me to be continually involved with my fire service brothers and sisters. I enjoy this job more than any other position I’ve had. I recommend you come aboard for the ride of a lifetime.

Jack Eskridge

Retired Fire Chief

I’ve been with this company for about 4 years, this organization has given me the opportunity to not only continue assisting victims of tragic events but it also keeps me in touch with my firefighting brothers whom I worked side by side with for over 30 years. I couldn’t have imagined a better fit for me after retirement.
Tim Lafuente

Retired Public Education Officer / Recruiter, Austin Fire Department