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Money-Back Guarantee


We are the only fire restoration franchise that offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. We do this to demonstrate our commitment to you and our confidence in our large-loss sales development program. The Money-Back Guarantee offer is clear and simple. If you follow our proven process and you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will buy back your territory by refunding 100% of your annual license fees. Ask for a copy of our written guarantee from your franchise support representative.


We are so confident that our unique and proven process will produce substantial profits that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

“In our first two months of business operations we closed more than $1 million in fire restoration sales and in the first year we closed almost $5 million.”

Local Service Partner

Jacksonville, FL

“We are a market leader with an exceptional reputation. We were hesitant to join because we thought it might negatively affect our existing relationships with local claims adjusters. However, we found that not only did it improve the emergency services that we now offer to our insurance clients, but we have also developed great new relationships with large-loss claims adjusters that we might not have had an opportunity to work with otherwise. We could not be more satisfied with our decision to join. This program is the future of our company!

Local Service Partner

St. Louis, MO

“We have great, interactive working relationships with our local fire departments and we now are part of their team because of our program. Because we are now first on-scene at all structure fires in our market, we are no longer completely dependent on insurance companies for survival. We get to do good things for people in need of help, which is incredibly rewarding. By getting fire department referrals, we get to hand-pick large-loss fires, which has significantly increased our bottom line.

Local Service Partner

Lima, OH

My association with this organization has helped us grow and mature our company on many different levels. This franchise opportunity allows our team to network with quality restoration contractors all across the USA and Canada and has had a significant impact on our entire business. If you execute the program as designed, you will most certainly develop long-term working relationships with your local fire departments to produce measurable results.”

Local Service Partner

Austin, TX

One word: Independence. This organization has helped me to become an independent restoration company again; today we choose our customers and we are not forced into an arrangement that we don’t like or want…or that the customer doesn’t like or want. They have helped us to leverage the full menu of services that we provide from mitigation and repair to restorative cleaning to benefit our customers. Under traditional insurance programs you’re limited to just one of the specialties; not so now. Today we work with the customer on all facets of the restoration business, and they get us the best opportunity to meet the large-loss fire customers that we previously missed.”

Local Service Partner

Tacoma/Chehalis, WA

“Nearly 10 years ago I was looking for a way to assist fire victims while increasing our fire restoration revenue. THIS was the answer. As a proud member since 2004, I am thankful that we made the decision to become the exclusive provider of these services throughout northwest Indiana as well as south Chicago. Out of all the programs and networks that we have researched and joined, they have provided us with the most opportunities for quality restoration jobs. If you are interested in more large-loss jobs, fewer customers, less deductibles, less adjusters, and more freedom from insurance company referrals, this is the program for you!”

Local Service Partner

Northwest IN and South Chicago, IL

“The services we offer have been a tremendous addition to our company. We have been ‘On Board’ since 2005, and we started receiving calls immediately. In addition to fire departments, we also receive many calls from insurance company adjusters and agents who just didn’t know who else to call for reliable emergency board-up service for their insured late at night. One unexpected benefit we received is the ability to establish working relationships with claims adjusters at 1-800-BOARDUP jobs. Previously, it had been very difficult to meet with them. The benefits we have received from our involvement in the sales development program have been phenomenal.”

Local Service Partner

Kansas City, KS

“This program has been a tremendous sales tool for our company. We recently received a request for assistance at a large townhouse fire. We responded to the first call and we were awarded the job. Had we not been part of this program, we would have never had the opportunity to see these jobs. Additionally, we were not an approved vendor for ‘America’s largest property insurer’ at the time. Because of that job, they invited us to join their direct repair program. We are so encouraged, we hired a full-time salesperson to handle the sales for these calls. The word is that our competition is not very happy with us due to the fact we are a franchise owner, (OH WELL). We’ve started our fifth year with them and we are now the largest provider of services for this insurer in the state. It’s a winner any way you look at it!

Local Service Partner

Wilmington, DE

“Although we have been very satisfied with our investment, as it has paid substantial dividends, what we value most is the opportunity to have the personal interaction with fire victims in the middle of the night, who are in need and are always so appreciative of our services. We now play an active role serving our community that we can be very proud of.”

Local Service Partner

Albuquerque, NM

“Before we joined the network, we estimated that a neighboring franchise usually got 90 percent of the jobs. We watched as they were invited over the fire line and the firefighters would introduce them to all the customers. We researched and brainstormed for several months to try to figure out ‘what in the world is their secret to getting all these fire jobs,’ we just couldn’t figure it out so we decided to call and join. It turned out to be the best business decision we would ever make! In the first year with the program we have done more than $1,000,000 in repairs, $400,000 in contents and $600,000 in mitigation. We’re on schedule to see that number more than double in 2014. We now have the respect of our local emergency responders and community thanks to this model. It’s a great feeling of pride to be part of such a great company!”

Local Service Partner

Wilmington, DE

“As contractors we often sit around and puff out our chests as to how much volume we do and judge ourselves as companies based on what that answer is. While that is certainly important and allows us to feed our families, it is far less important than the intangible benefits that we receive from being a part of the organization. We have gone from an organization that just profits from the misfortune of others to an organization that assists people through a very dark and troubling time in their lives. We coordinate all of the necessary services and secure their home so they can begin the process of getting on with their lives. The interesting thing that has happened along the way is that it has also made us better citizens of our community. We were always eager to help, but our idea of helping was to put a check in the mail. Certainly it is a huge benefit that our sales have increased by more than 40 percent from this program, but the real blessing is that somewhere along the line we have become better people.”

Local Service Partner

Indianapolis, IN

“We have been in the fire restoration business for a long, long time. We have seen many changes, some good and some bad. This company is definitely one of the good things to come along in this business.

They made some big promises, and they delivered on every promise that they made. It has affected the way we look at our entire business. We are no longer confined to the parameters defined by others. We are now in complete control of our business and our marketplace. It’s an amazing feeling! Smart Program, Great People, Big Payoff!”

Local Service Partner

Monterey, CA

We have found this program to be the most positive business development tool for increasing large-loss fire sales we have ever seen. Through the innovative techniques delivered by the Sales and Operations Training team, they have provided us with more high-quality sales that would not have been sent our way through conventional industry channels. Because of the tremendous increase in large-loss sales volume that the program provides, we are now far more selective of the customers that we choose to work with. Not only has our new found ‘freedom of choice’ actually resulted in a measurable increase in our gross profit margins, but our ability to scuttle more traditional and less effective marketing expenses has resulted in a decrease in overhead and an increase in our net profit margins. The system has put us in the forefront of customer service and industry relationship building because we are now the true ‘first responders’ for emergency services. More often than not, we are contacting the insurance company with a first notice of loss on behalf of the insured and this provides us with control over the loss. We are always received with much relief and appreciation. This company has opened many doors of opportunity and created a real advantage, and for that our staff is grateful.”

Local Service Partner

Fort Wayne, IN

“We love our partnership with this company. We are one of the largest restoration companies in our super-competitive market and our program has substantially increased the number of large-loss jobs we sell. Additionally, we really like that so many of these calls come directly from the fire scene. We are very closely aligned with the principles and values and we really enjoy helping people in their time of crisis. We feel very strongly that you will not regret your decision to join our team of dedicated emergency response professionals.”

Local Service Partner

Cleveland, OH

“Insurance restoration is an ever-changing industry. Before we were losing fires because the victim was hiring a fire-chaser contractor before we or the adjuster even heard about the loss. We are now invited to large-loss fires as the event is unfolding and we get to meet the insured before they make mitigation and repair decisions. Our fire department referrals have grown to represent 25 percent of our company’s sales, and we are very happy with our decision to partner with this organization.”

Local Service Partner

South Elgin, IL (Chicago Suburbs)

“This organization energized our sales strategy. This unique and proven business model empowers our sales team by providing highly qualified and fully vetted leads. Fire and rescue professionals respect the brand and that respect inspires trust in our company. The program equips our sales team with tools and strategy to help them close the deal. Our company made a great investment when we partnered with them.”

Local Service Partner

Atlanta, GA

Invest in a Respected Brand

We are the only restoration company in North America that is officially partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The trust we have earned over the last 12 years in the fire service allows us to use the official seal of the IAFC in our local marketing.

A Unique, Proven Process

Our Local Service Partners profit from working alongside local fire department officials in more than 100 markets across the United States and Canada. Our unique, proven processes put our Local Service Partners on the fire scene within minutes after the event – when fire victims need us most.

Like-Minded, Local Market Leaders

We seek long-term partners who share similar values. Partners with strong leadership, outstanding production teams and an impeccable reputation in the local claims community. Contact us now if you feel you are a good fit for our program and are ready to increase sales with fire department partnerships.

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