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A Better Way

Our Local Service Partners currently work alongside hundreds of fire departments all across North America to provide an array of valuable services to fire victims in need.

We are actively seeking reliable partners in select markets who have the desire to work with local fire departments to help fire victims in the recovery process.

We are an international network of market leaders in the fire restoration business.  We partner with respected local fire restoration contractors who have outstanding reputations in the local claims community, and who seek increased large-loss fire restoration opportunities.  Although all of our Local Service Partners were already market leaders with long-term relationships in the local claims community, we offered a better alternative for the future.

We have hundreds of references, testimonial letters and videos from restorers and fire chiefs who will tell you that our way is:


Better for the fire department

A better way for fire departments, who are committed to providing drastically improved services to their community.



Better for the fire victim who needs professional, reliable assistance

A better way for fire victims, who, without our services, would be left standing bewildered in their front yards or – worse yet – left to the opportunistic vultures that prey on these poor, unsuspecting souls.



Better for those insurance companies that make customer service a priority

A better way for insurance claims professionals who put the needs of their insured above all else.



Better for our 1-800-BOARDUP Local Service Partner in four primary ways:

  •  Greater control in terms of predictability of leads and profit margins
  • A dramatic advantage over the local competition
  • A decreased dependence on traditional referral sources
  •  Increased sales, profits and quality of life

The question we would like for you to consider is this: If we could assure you that we could generate a substantial volume of calls from local fire departments that would create outstanding sales opportunities for your restoration company, would this help you accomplish your long-term growth plans?

If you answered yes, then we would like to make a formal presentation to your leadership team to help you better understand who we are and what we do.

Local Service Partner

1-800-BOARDUP operates within your existing business as a secondary service. No need to create a whole new business or pay royalties!


We proudly support and partner with Restoration Industry Association.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are the only fire restoration franchise in the world that offers a 100 percent satisfaction money back guarantee. To demonstrate our commitment to you and our confidence in the 1-800-BOARDUP Fire Department Partnership Program, we back it up with our clear and simple Money-Back Guarantee.


Money-Back Guarantee

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