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Do fire departments actually call you out to fires scenes?

Yes, all day, all night, everyday.


Do you work for insurance companies?

Yes, we are proud to partner with progressive claims professionals all across North America.


What are the fees?

Our fees are structured to produce maximum return on investment, and we guarantee it in writing with a money-back guarantee. There are several different types of fees that will be incurred by the franchisee, some of which are affected by the territory size and other local market conditions. For example annual license fees (franchise fees) are as low as $7,500 annually and can be paid monthly.

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What if my local fire department told me they will never call a board-up company?

They all say that in the beginning, and for good reasons. We have created a proven processes that overcome all of their objections and allow our Local Service Partners to work alongside local firefighters and serve the needs of fire victims.


What are the qualifications?

We are very selective about our potential partners. We only consider existing market leaders in the fire damage restoration industry that have a high drive and have earned impeccable reputations in their local claims community.