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Our objective is to develop close working partnerships with progressive fire departments across the USA and Canada. We are committed to being the very best in the business in every market we serve. Not a little better, but remarkably better. Not some of the time, but every single time an incident commander calls upon us to serve the needs of our community.
We are not the first choice because we have a memorable telephone number or a catchy logo. We are the first choice for incident commanders because after 11 years of assessing their needs and working with them, we have developed a better business model for them. We are committed to being remarkably better than our competition, not just some of the time, but all of the time. Because of this commitment to excellence, when an incident commander calls our number, he knows that he is calling a company that he can count on and trust, one that puts his customers’ needs first.
Dog-transparentbgWe have earned the trust of the fire service leadership, as demonstrated by our International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) 5 Bugle Partnership. The close, trusting relationships we have with the IAFC and with fire chiefs across the USA and Canada is something that we take pride in. This level of trust can only be earned through years of demonstrating our commitment to those fire officials who call upon us in the middle of the night to help a victim in need.
One of our values is: “We Always Seek a Better Way.” We are changing the industry in markets all across the USA because we have found a better way.

  • A better way for firefighters
  • A  better way for fire victims
  • A better way for claims professionals
  • A better way for restoration contractors
  • A better way for our Local Service Partners

When a fire victim is unsure where to turn for help, our Local Service Partners are the first on-scene to help guide them through the process of rebuilding their homes, their businesses and their lives.


Look at our market conditions today. Did you anticipate these current market conditions 10 or 20 years ago? Over the next five to 10 years the insurance restoration industry will evolve in ways that are difficult to anticipate. The way insurance companies view the restoration industry is certainly changing as well. Those who rely solely upon traditional sources of work will struggle when faced with innovative, new cost-cutting strategies for claims and competitors with far superior business models.

Many restoration companies will experience a dramatic reduction in market share, sales volume and profit margin for a variety of reasons. These cost-cutting strategies by carriers will have an effect on all restorers, but those who adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the curve can remain healthy and flourish for many years to come. Many well- established restoration firms with significant overhead and outdated business models will struggle in the future.

Which path will your company choose today? Will your company struggle or flourish in the years to come?

We teach market-leading restorers how to decrease their dependence on traditional sources of work and feast for a lifetime.

We are a network of market leaders who all share a common objective: Decreasing dependence on traditional sources of work, while increasing sales and profit margins by increasing our share of the limited insurance-restoration market.

As professional restorers, we always work to earn the respect of claims professionals. We appreciate the work that these claims professionals refer to us. However, we never want to be dependent upon this source of work to feed our families, and we never want those businesses that rely on us to be dependent upon this source either.

We are currently working with thousands of fire departments across North America and showing them a better way. We will soon be the first call for service by your local fire officials.

Today we are analyzing all potential partners in your market. Today you have the first chance to seize this unique opportunity.

Do You Ever:

  • Wonder why a claims adjuster did not send you more referrals after the great job you did for them and their insured?
  • Blame good weather for poor sales results?
  • Feel that only claims adjusters determine who does and who does not get “the good jobs?”
  • Fear future reprisal if you disagree with an adjuster on a legitimate issue?
  • Feel that you are losing sales to less qualified contractors or to public adjusters?
  • Lose good fires to fire engine chasers?

Imagine This! What If…

  • You were doing an additional 10 to 20, or more, emergency board ups per month?
  • Your sales estimators did not have time to follow-up with every fire victim who called you out to perform a fire board-up?
  • You could turn away claims because you were too busy to accept the job?
  • You were able to walk away from losses with difficult insureds or low-margin jobs?
  • You were not held captive by burdensome, direct-repair programs?
  • You eliminated dramatic peaks and valleys in your sales and cash flow, by producing more consistent work levels?
  • Your staff was invited over the fire tape, right past the fire engine chasers?

Our Program Will:

  • Decrease your dependence on insurance companies, adjusters and agents for your sales.
  • Introduce you to more large-loss claims adjusters and agents while “on the job”
  • instead of out begging for work like your competition.
  • Increase your autonomy, your security and confidence . . . you can be self- sustaining with or without claims adjuster referrals.
  • Increase your ability to negotiate claims freely without fear of future reprisal.
  • Decrease your marketing budget by eliminating less effective, worn-out marketing strategies.
  • Increase your “on the job” working exposure with hard-to-reach, large-loss adjusters.
  • Beat public adjusters to the punch!


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