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Invest in a Respected Brand

We are the only restoration company in North America that is officially partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The trust we have earned over the last 12 years in the fire service allows us to use the official seal of the IAFC in our local marketing.

A Unique, Proven Process

Our Local Service Partners profit from working alongside local fire department officials in more than 100 markets across the United States and Canada. Our unique, proven processes put our Local Service Partners on the fire scene within minutes after the event – when fire victims need us most.

Like-Minded, Local Market Leaders

We seek long-term partners who share similar values. Partners with strong leadership, outstanding production teams and an impeccable reputation in the local claims community. Contact us now if you feel you are a good fit for our program and are ready to increase sales with fire department partnerships.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are the only fire restoration franchise in the world that offers a 100 percent satisfaction money-back guarantee. We do this to demonstrate our commitment to you and our confidence in our large-loss sales development program. The Money-Back Guarantee offer is clear and simple. If you follow our proven process and you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will buy back your territory by refunding 100 percent of your annual license fees. Ask for a copy of our written guarantee from your franchise support representative.


We are so confident that our unique and proven process will produce substantial profits that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

What Our Offices Say About Us....

Speak with our satisfied local service partners – Let our existing local service partners share their amazing success stories with you. Learn about the millions of dollars made in sales revenue, heightened sense of independence increased cash flow and the excitement of being first on the scene alongside firefighters.

“In our first two months of business operations, we closed more than $1 million in fire restoration sales, and in the first year we closed almost $5 million.”

Local Service Partner

Jacksonville, FL

“We performed more than $10 million in fire damage restoration sales last year from this program and expect much more than that this year.”

Local Service Partner

Indianapolis, IN

“They made some big promises, but they delivered on every promise that they made. We signed five jobs in one week that resulted in $1 million in signed contracts. Smart program, great people, big payoff!

Local Service Partner

Monterrey, CA

More Than 100 Locations in North America